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By joining the Northeast Seafood Coalition today, you will support our work as we strive to preserve and sustain all segments of the groundfish fleet, including fishermen and their fishing communities all along the northeast coast of the United States. 

Your contribution will support our efforts to serve our local, family-owned and entrepreneurial fishing entity members.  These fishermen own and operate small, medium, and large boats (30-50 feet, 50-75 feet, and 75-100 feet, respectively) and use all three principal gears in the groundfish fishery (trawl, gillnet, longline).  NSC fishing business members fish from ports large and small all along the Northeast coast: from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey.  Diversity in the groundfish industry was a founding tenet of the NSC and continues to be a key operating principle today.  Small, medium, and large vessels each occupy key niches of the industry, and they together keep the industry as a whole operational.  We believe one niche without the others dooms the whole industry.

The NSC works hard to forge solutions that work for the good of the whole industry. Solutions that work for the whole industry, moreover, are ones that support the long-term health of the fishery resources on which the whole industry depends.

Join us in our efforts to find solutions that accomplish positive outcomes for the entire fleet. Why wait? Become a member today!

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