Working Together on the Future of Fisheries

Northeast Seafood Coalition

Our Mission:

The Northeast Seafood Coalition ("NSC" or "Coalition") is dedicated to working with government regulations and environmental concerns to preserve the long-term health of
fishery resources, fishing  communities and the fishing industry.

What We Do:

The work of the NSC is geared toward crafting real solutions to complex fishery problems. The NSC strives to find creative solutions that work to rebuild fish stocks while preserving family-owned fishing businesses, a diverse groundfish fleet and fishing communities across the Northeast.


The Problem Can Be Solved:


The current regulatory environment is crippling fishing operations, hindering the rebuilding of certain fish stocks, while disallowing opportunities to harvest the total allowable catch on healthier stocks. The NSC is currently developing a new long-term management system that will foster sustainability and accountability in the groundfish fishery. This system will be managed through local harvest cooperatives, an initiative currently supported by the National Marine Fisheries Service and the New England Fishery Management Council. 


How You Can Help:


The time to help is now.


Donations can be made to support the work of the NSC to the address below. We also ask that people take the time to get to know their fishing community.       

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